2018 DUHIG Cabernet Sauvignon

The love for our wine is incredible! We are sold out of our 2017 DUHIG Cabernet Sauvignon, but will be releasing our 2018 vintage soon. To be among the first to receive this highly-anticipated vintage, please join our list today. 

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Our Soil ~ Our Soul

Located in the heart of the Coombsville Appellation. The vineyard topography ranges from 10-180 feet with slopes from 5% to 22%.

Our soils have the most unique characteristic in the Coombsville area. My personal favorite is the Diatomaceous soil. It tells the story from eons ago when our sunken volcanic Caldera filled into an inland marine and supported microscopic life. The soil is embedded with his ancient life – the decomposed Diatoms that now lend expression as Duhig wine.

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